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Pool Landscaping

Pool landscaping in a luxury home

Pool Landscaping in Hobart

Do you want beautiful pool landscaping in Hobart, Tasmania? Hobart Landscaping Services are proud to serve the Hobart area with custom-designed and installed pool landscaping to maximize your enjoyment of your pool.

The landscape around your pool is critical to your pool experience. The wrong landscape not only can ruin the aesthetic of your entire home, it can make it difficult for you, your family and guests to get the most enjoyment out of the space.

Coming from a landscaping background, Hobart Landscaping Services understand that your swimming pool is the heart of your outdoor living space. The importance of design, construction and integration of your pool landscaping is therefore paramount.

We only use the highest quality products and the highest level of construction techniques to create sustainable, beautiful and easy-to-maintain pool landscapes that are designed to compliment your Hobart lifestyle.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed and insured pool landscaping company in Hobart, Tasmania. Our pool landscaping services considers the answers to the following questions:

  • What Is The Size & Shape of Your Yard?
  • What Will Your Pool Be Used For?
  • How Well Do Your Pool Design Ideas Suit Your Property?
  • What is the Right Placement For Your Pool?
  • How Should Your Pool Area Be Landscaped?

Once we have the answers we can come up with a landscaping design that will delight you. Just as importantly, we will then execute your pool landscaping project to make your dreams a reality, all on time and on budget!

Give us a call today for your free quote on our pool landscaping services.

What Is The Size & Shape Of Your Yard?

The right pool design is dictated by the size and shape of your backyard. The pool should fit well into the space, with enough room around it to meet safety regulations in your state or territory. Remember, by law, your pool will need to have fencing around its perimeter. If you want to include a patio and dining area, this will require even more space, as regulations state that you must not position any large objects such as chairs or tables close enough to the pool fencing for a child to use them to climb over the barrier.

What Will Your Pool Be Used For?

Different pools have different purposes. Thus, how you will use your pool needs to be taken into account when choosing the shape, size and style of your pool. If you have children, you will want to use the pool for playing games and spending quality time as a family. Therefore you will need the space and safety features that a family pool can offer. If you are a serious swimmer who will mainly be swimming laps, you might prefer a lap pool. These are long and narrow, specifically designed for swimming laps without any obstacles in the way. However, if you primarily want your pool as a means of relaxation, a spa pool might be more appropriate for you.

How Well Do Your Pool Design Ideas Suit Your Property?

Your pool design has to fit with the overall appearance of your property. It must blend seamlessly into the space of your backyard, so it looks like part of your home and becomes a beautiful design feature in your yard. This means you need to look at the architectural style of your house when choosing your pool. Would a contemporary or traditional pool coordinate better with your house? Should the edges be straight and streamlined, or would a softer, more rounded look suit your property? Choosing the right color for the pool is also important. When it comes to fitting your pool within the landscape and helping it to stand out as a feature.

What Is The Right Placement For Your Pool?

Your pool will undoubtedly be the focal point of your backyard, therefore it should be shown off to best advantage. With the right placement, your whole pool area can become the perfect setting to enjoy an alfresco breakfast, or a pool party after the lights come on at night. Consideration of the placement and landscaping of your pool is therefore critical!

How Should Your Pool Area Be Landscaped?

It is important that your pool area is landscaped in a way that suits you and your property. If you have clear ideas, you should communicate them at the beginning of the project, so they can be brought to life. If not, it is worth talking to a Hobart Landscaping Services professional pool landscaping designer who can offer you plenty of advice.

Contact us today to schedule your free pool landscaping quote. We proudly serve the Hobart area. Our pool landscapers will visit your property to discussion your options. We’re here to help, so contact us to learn more about our pool landscaping services today!

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