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Garden Landscaping

Garden landscaping services

Garden Landscaping in Hobart

Saying that we provide the best garden landscaping in Hobart may sound a little bold, but we back it up everyday! Making the decision to landscape your garden can make a world of difference to you and your family. Creating your own private oasis full of greenery and beauty not only increases curb appeal, but provides a place for you to relax or entertain. Who you choose to transform your home’s garden is therefore important! Hobart Landscaping Services has many years experience providing premium garden design and garden landscaping services in Hobart and surrounding areas. We have the training, experience and expertise to provide the best garden landscaping around. And our custom services won’t break the bank! Trust us to use quality products to build your garden landscape and add value to your home.

There is much to consider when making the decision to invest in garden landscaping. Don’t take the decision lightly. Call the professionals at Hobart Landscaping Services and let us transform your garden!

How We Can Help With Your Garden Landscaping

We are a fully licensed and insured garden design and landscaping company in Hobart, Tasmania. We continually monitor garden landscaping trends and create a garden to any style or theme you like. Some popular services we can provide include:

  • Expert Turf and Plant Selection & Supply
  • Installation of edging and borders
  • Installation of retaining walls
  • Drainage systems
  • Water Tanks, Irrigation and Sprinkler systems
  • Garden lighting systems

Give us a call today to get your free quote on all our garden design and landscaping services.

Turf and Plant Selection & Supply

Plants are the foundation of your outdoor environment. The diversity of plant species make for creative and appealing landscape compositions. Plants are chosen for a purpose. We may be attracted to their ornamental appeal or call upon them to serve a specific function or purpose in the landscape, such as providing a screen, blocking unwanted views, or stabilizing a soil bank. Others may be selected because of their ability to adapt to poor soils or simply for the ease of subsequent care. We can not only help with your plant selection, we can source and supply them for you.

Installation of Edging and Borders

Garden edging and borders supply a crisp edge between different areas of your yard. Edging can have a practical role as well, such as holding mulch in place and preventing mowers from damaging your prized plants. There are many different types of garden edging available, so it can be confusing to know what to do. So tap into the extensive experienced and knowledge of the Hobart Landscaping Services team. We’ll give you good, sound advice! To learn more about our Garden Edging services click here!

Installation of Retaining Walls

A retaining wall has a specific function, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good too. The look of distinction a well designed and constructed retaining wall adds to any landscape is undeniable. A Hobart Landscaping Services retaining wall is always an expression of our garden landscaping excellence. Each wall is a unique design using materials of the right color, texture and dimension to bring one-of-a-kind elegance to the finished product. To learn more about our Retaining Wall services click here!

Drainage Systems

Is your garden continually waterlogged? Does it suffer from frequent flooding? We can provide a solution, From french drain systems, to building a soakaway, installation of a sump and pump system, implementation of a linear drainage channel to the construction of a bund flood defense – we can do it all. Contact us to discuss the best option for your drainage problems.

Water Tanks, Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

An effective watering system is often a crucial feature in your landscape. Whether you have a small lawn or a big yard with an extravagant landscape, a sprinkler or irrigation system installed by Hobart Landscaping Services is a great way to guarantee a green and healthy yard. We can design, supply and install the perfect system for your garden making us the company to call. To learn more about our water tanks, irrigation and sprinker system services click here.

Garden Lighting Systems

Make your garden come alive at night with our garden lighting systems. Our professional lighting designer will create a perfect design for your property. We offer the installation of accent lights, low voltage lights, path lights, wash lights and more landscape lighting options. There are so many different types of fixtures that provide different effects. A call to Hobart Landscaping Services will simplify the wide world of outdoor lighting! To learn more about our garden lighting systems click here!

Contact us today to schedule your free quote on all our garden landscaping services. Our landscapers will come to your home or commercial property to understand your needs and discuss your options. We’re here to help, so contact us to learn more about our services today!

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